Green Energy Ohio Tour - Saturday & Sunday - October 1 & 2, 2011
Welcome to the 2011 Green Energy Ohio Tour, organized by Green Energy Ohio (GEO)! 
    GEO is the Ohio Chapter of the
American Solar Energy Society (ASES), and GEO's 9th Annual Tour is part of the National Solar Tour managed by ASES. 

Thanks to Ohio Department of Development as Tour Sponsor and
Tour Donors and the hundreds of Site Owners and GEO Volunteers across Ohio!  Tour in Ohio News Stories (Sept-Oct) 
GEO's Bill Spratley Talks About Tour on YouTube

This FREE statewide event on October 1 & 2 provides the unique opportunity for people to visit and  talk with owners living and working with
clean energy technologies. 
Use GEO's website as an interactive tool to search 261 Open House Sites (see search tabs above) and over a dozen Guided Tours  in 137 communities in 51 counties across Ohio featured solar, wind, biomass, green design, energy-saving technologies
and much more!  Register on-line and at each Tour Day Site for chances to win a FREE donated solar or energy efficiency site assessement.



To create and print-out of your own self-guided tour using interactive Google Maps and Tour Site Descriptions see "How to Create ..." instructions below.

Join GEO as a Regular Individual Member at $35 or more and GEO will send you a bonus GEO ball cap!  GEO Tour Membership Offer 

2011 Green Energy Ohio Tour News Release
(Sept)    2011 Tour Overview for Site Owners & Volunteers   

GEO Tour Poster
(Wind & Solar)  Green Energy Ohio News Magazine - Fall 2011 Tour Preview

Last year's Tour was the largest in the U.S. with 243 sites in 119 Ohio communities in 45 counties.   See the 2010 Ohio Tour
See Testimonials from 2010 Tour.

                 How To Create Your Own 'Self Guided Tour' Of Open House Sites
            (Please take a few minutes and read the steps below before proceeding to the Search Page!) 

Step 1 - Location: 
- Fill in your starting address and how many miles (radius) that you want to search for sites.
- Search by Region/County (Select All Regions/Counties OR a specific region OR a specific county)  

Step 2 - Date & Time:  
- Search by Morning, Afternoon or All Day on Saturday, October 1ST and/or by Afternoon on Sunday, October 2nd

: Some sites may be only open during a specific time period on a specific day, while other sites may be open both days.
Please adhere to the posted schedules.

Step 3 - Type of Building:
- The search default automatically selects every type of building structure.  Unselect types of buildings you are not interested in visiting.

Step 4 - Technology:
- The search default automatically selects every types of technology.  Unselect types of technologies you are not interested in visiting.

Step 5 - Click the Search Button at the Bottom of the Page:
- A list of all sites within your search criteria will appear on the left side of the page in alphabetical order, and a map will appear on the right side of the page.  If you click on the site name or a given point on the map, photographs and a detailed description of the site will appear.  If you wish to visit the site, click on the blank star which will turn green.  To remove a site just click on the green star and this will go blank**

- Based on the Ohio tour experience of the past 7 years, many tour goers can see up to 5 sites in a 3-hour, tour time period - this varies by distance between sites and the time spent at each site.

Step 6 -  After selecting all the sites you want to visit, click Build Custom Tour:
Enter your home address as the starting point. A map will be generated along with directions and descriptions of each site you have selected with green Stars.  Google Maps function creates a map with the shortest distances.  You may change the order of the sites on this map by clicking the up and down arrows next to each site and a new map will be generated.  If you want to remove or add another site, use the Back to Search button and click onto the green star to remove or the blank star to add.  The Refine Search link allows you to go back one more page and choose different selection criteria.

Step 7 - Print this information showing map, directions and site guide.  Then enjoy your clean energy journey through the Buckeye State!



If you have any questions, please contact GEO by phone toll free at 1-866-GREEN-OH or tour@greenenergyohio.org

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