State Road Battery Pro

State Road Battery Pro 1 

15789 Old State Rd
Middlefield 44062

Tour Hours:  Oct. 7,  8am to 4pm 

Directions:  Take I-271 to US-422 east.  Turn left (north) on Rt. 306 towards Kirtland.   Turn right (east) on Rt. 87 towards Middlefield.  You will pass West Woods Nature Center on your right (another Solar Tour site).  Continue on Rt. 87 through Burton to Middlefield.  Turn right (south) at Rt. 608 (also called Old State Rd.)   State Road Battery Pro is 1.5 miles south of Middlefield.

Technologies on site: 
 - Solar Electric - 267 watt 
 - Passive Solar Design -  skylight systems 
 - Energy Efficient - LED lighting
 - Other - 32 watt solar powered sign

You wonÂ’t find many off-the-grid retail establishments in Ohio, but this is
one. Many are surprised to learn that the Amish community uses
photovoltaic panels to charge the batteries that power the red taillights
protecting their buggies. Levi Miller operates this retail store that sells to
mostly Amish clientele. He powers the business with four 64
W panels and one 75 watt panel connected to a battery bank or used to
charge buggy batteries. An Exceltech true sine wave inverter provides
120Vac power to enable his business to use electronic equipment like cash
registers and phones without relying on grid power. The store also has
some 12Vdc lighting and even a 12Vdc washing machine that both get
their power from the photovoltaics. Two more 10watt panels with
batteries power lights that illuminate a small sign at night, switched on by a
photocell. Levi sells a variety of solar and battery equipment, including
energy efficient skylight systems that direct and diffuse natural light deep
within a building.