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Utility-Scale Wind Development in Ohio

2007 Commericial Wind Developments in Ohio

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland Announced $5 Million in Grant Awards for Development of Two Utility-Scale (100 and 49.5 MegaWatts) Wind Farms on August 30, 2007.  Receiving funding for production projects: The Buckeye Wind project developed by EverPower Renewables in Champaign and Logan Counties, and the JW Great Lakes Wood County Wind Farm in Wood County.  See Governor's News Release.

AMP-Ohio Announced a Partnership for Additional Wind Development with JW Great Lakes Wind, LLC on May 10, 2007.  A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was executed by the two organizations spelling out the details of a plan for additional wind generation in Wood County near the existing AMP-Ohio/Green Mountain Energy Wind Farm. The MOU will allow the parties to undertake the necessary project analysis to determine the economic feasibility of the proposed project.  See AMP-Ohio News Release.  Related news stories:

"More Wind Turbines Near BG Planned," Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune, May 11, 2007

"More Wind Turbines May Sprout in Wood County," Toledo Blade, May 18, 2007

BGMU Director Kevin Maynard's Wind Presentation at Ohio Renewable Energy Showcase - April 30, 2007

Utility Scale Wind Resource Potential Expands - 2007 Ohio Wind Map at 100 Meters
Ohio Can Get Over 10% of It's Electricity from Wind Power
NREL Analysis
        More on Ohio Wind Working Group & Environment Ohio Sites

2006 Wind Developments in Ohio

Ohio Wind Working Group Featured in April 2006 Wind Powering America Web Page
See current Utility-Scale Wind Working Group activities at 
including Ohio & National News in OWWG Weekly Updates

Great Lakes Offshore Technical Gathering & Ohio Wind Working Group Meetings
April 3 & 4, 2006 Toledo, Ohio
International and national wind energy experts addressed the over 180 conference attendees on April 4.  Daryl Stockburger received the Carpe Ventem! Award by Wind Powering America.  Earlier 75 attended the April 3 OWWG Meeting including Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, wind developers, state and  local public officials, university faculty, and community leaders.

2005 Wind Development Activity in Logan & Madison Counties

News reports about wind testing leading to possible wind farms in Logan and Madison Counties appeared in early 2005.  GEO participated in a landowner meeting in Logan County's Monroe Township south of Bellefontaine (near the highest elevation in Ohio) in February 2005.  Below are links to news articles about this activity:

"Ohio Makes Headway in Efforts to Harness Windmill's Energy," Columbus Dispatch, March 13, 2005.

"Harnessing the Wind: Logan County Considered for State's Largest Wind Turbine Farm,"
Bellefontaine Examiner, February 10, 2005

"Officials Question Plans for Wind Farm," London, Ohio's The Madison Press, February 10, 2005

Bowling Green Wind Farm Adds Educational Kiosk in 2005

Over 200 Ohioans attended the May 15, 2005 Green Energy Ohio 5th Annual Meeting at the Bowling Green Wind Farm featuring dedication of the solar-powered educational kiosk and annual recognition awards, including the GEO "Clean Energy Community of the Year" presented to the Wood County Commissioners and City of Bowling Green.  Bowling Green Municipal Utilities Director Daryl Stockburger was recognized as "Pioneer of the Year" by GEO at its 2004 a year before.  Daryl received more recogntion in in a June 20, 2005 Toledo Blade article: "Alternative Energy Forms Fascinate Him."

Wind Turbines 3 and 4 Dedicated at Bowling Green - Nov. 19, 2004

The formal dedication of the 3rd and 4th wind turbines at the Bowling Green wind farm took place on a rainy, foggy Nov. 19, 2004.  This new installation doubled the capacity (now 7.2 MW) at Ohio's first commercial wind farm opened a year earlier (see below).  Speakers at the event were Marc Gerken, AMP-Ohio President; Daryl Stockburger, Bowling Green Municipal Utilities Director; Jim Gravelle, Green Mountain Energy Company; John Quinn, Bowling Green Mayor; Jim Carter, Wood County Commissioner; Bob Latta, State Representative; and Bill Spratley, GEO Executive Director.  A tentful of enthusiastic wind supporters from the local area and AMP-Ohio communities were on hand despite the foggy and rainy dedication day.  Installation Photos
See Toledo Blade articles on the dedication on Nov. 20, 2004 and Nov. 17, 2004.

Following Nov. 19, 2004 Dedication under new Bowling Green wind turbine with other 3 turbines turning in the rain are (L to R) Don Scherer, BGSU; Daryl Stockburger; BGMU, Larry Marquis, AMP-Ohio;
Bill Spratley, GEO & Tom Maves, Office of Energy Efficiency

                   Ohio's First Commercial Wind Turbines Installed in 2003

In late 2003, Ohio became the home for two 1.8 MegaWatt (MW) utility-scale wind turbines in Bowling Green. These are the largest wind turbines west of the Rockies (similar 1.8 MW units are in Wyoming and California wind farms). The wind farm operated at 30% capacity and 97% availability during its first month of operation according to Bowling Green Municipal Utilities. Photo at left below by GEO Volunteer Craig Miller shows 132 foot-long turbine blades bending in a high wind that month (early November to early December 2003).

Photo at right above by Green Mountain Energy Co. shows one of the smaller cranes used to install first turbine.  See construction pictures of these impressive turbines as they begin to generate clean energy from Ohio's powerful winds. GEO is pleased to see this wind power development finally take off in state. At the wind farm's foundation is the hard work of many GEO volunteers from the GEO Wind Committee that completed many wind monitoring activities across Northeast Ohio. GEO shared this wind data with the Bowling Green Wind Farm Project Partners, which prevented the wind farm from being delayed a year or two.

For infomation to obtain the wind data developed by Green Energy Ohio, click here. For information on the history and pictures of the groundbreaking ceremony of the Wind Farm, click here. In this Ohio Bicentennial Year, while modern wind turbines are new for the Buckeye State, our proud history includes the world's first electric wind turbines invented in Cleveland, Ohio by Charles Brush.

GEOs and Friends at November 7, 2003 Dedication of Ohio's First Wind Farm
Click Here for More Photos from Wind Farm & Dedication

Ohio Munis OK 2 More Wind Turbines at Bowling Green on April 22, 2004.

Background on the Bowling Green Wind Power Effort

GEO/SEED Ohio 1999-2000 Wind Monitoring Test at Bowling Green Proving Commercial Potential - See GEO Wind Committee Chair Fletcher Miller's presentation at First Ohio Wind Power Conference.

BG Municipal Utilities Director Daryl Stockburger speaks at the First Ohio Wind Power Conference

Green Mountain Energy Company's Midwest President Paul Markovich presentation to First Ohio Wind Power Conference

Feb. 29, 2004 Toledo Blade Article: Wood County Gets A Charge Out of Wind Turbines; Project Generates More Power Than Expected

Jan. 9, 2004 Port Clinton News Herald Article: Windmill Power

Oct. 22, 2003 Columbus Dispatch Article: Huge Electric Turbines Sprout in Ohio Cornfield

Ground Broken Near Bowling Green August 29, 2003 for
First Ohio Utility Size "Wind Farm"
Two to Be Completed Turbines This Year

At August 29 ground-breaking: Paulie Shaffer, Wood County Solid Waste District; Bill Spratley, Green Energy Ohio; Pam Sullivan, AMP-Ohio; Daryl Stockburger, Bowling Green Municipal Utilities; Paul Markovich, Green Mountain Energy Company and Mayor John Quinn, City of Bowling Green.

    BOWLING GREEN, Ohio, Aug. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Green Mountain Energy Company, American Municipal Power-Ohio (AMP-Ohio) and the City of Bowling Green today broke ground for the construction of two wind turbines nearBowling Green, south of Toledo.  The "wind farm" is expected to be completed and generating power by the end of the year.  Tied to the electric grid through a Bowling Green Municipal Utilities substation, this will be the first utility size wind farm in the state.
    Plans call for the wind farm to be built on county-owned land seven miles west of Bowling Green, along Ohio Route 6, near the Wood County Landfill. It would consist of two, 1.8 megawatt wind turbines mounted on 257-foot towers with three, 132-foot blades attached to each unit.  At its highest point, the tip of a blade is taller than a 30-story building.  Combined, the units will generate approximately 6.9 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually --enough to power approximately 785 homes.
    "Green Mountain Energy Company came to Ohio two years ago with a commitment to make pollution-free generation a reality in Ohio," said Paul Markovich, the company's senior vice president of U.S. markets.  "Utility grade wind soon will be a reality in Ohio and this is just the beginning."
    AMP-Ohio President Marc Gerken called the wind farm a great opportunity for its member communities.  "We are committed to assisting our member communities in diversifying their generation portfolios.  This commitment includes exploring the increased use of renewable energy resources in the generation of power.  We're very excited about this project."
    "This project represents a milestone for the city," Bowling Green Utility Director Daryl Stockburger said.  "In recent years, we have renewed our dedication to alternative energy sources and environmentally-preferable energy generation.  We are proud to be the host site for Ohio's first utility size wind farm."
    Stockburger also recognized Green Energy Ohio (GEO), which promotes sustainable energy policies, for sharing the wind testing data it collected for several years in the Bowling Green area.  He said that without GEO's research, construction of the wind farm would have been delayed at least one year. 
Also see September 2 Toledo Blade: First Plantings of Wind Farm; August 28 Columbus Alive Article: Mighty Wind and More Groundbreaking Photos

Wind Turbines Contracted for Bowling Green Project

by Marc Gerken - President

AMP-Ohio has executed a contract with a manufacturer for the Bowling Green wind project.  Vesta-American Wind Technology Inc. of Portland, Ore. will supply and install two complete wind turbine generators at the Wood County landfill on U.S. Rt. 6, just west of the city.  The project is a partnership between AMP-Ohio, the City of Bowling Green and Green Mountain Energy.  Plans call for the 1.8 megawatt units to be interconnected to Bowling Green Municipal Utilities through an existing 12.47 kilovolt distribution circuit near the site.  The equipment is on order and site development should begin later this month. The turbines are manufactured in Denmark and will be shipped to Bowling Green via the Port of Toledo.  They are expected to arrive in late August, with commissioning in progress by the end of September.  The units, projected to generate 6,900 megawatt hours annually, will be the first wind turbines in Ohio....

Source: June 9, 2003 American Municipal Power-Ohio (AMP-Ohio) Weekly Newsletter

This first utility-scale wind turbine installation in Ohio is expected to provide Green Power.