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Ohio's First Commercial Wind Farm

Utility Scale Wind Turbines In Ohio! 
Build It and They Will Come - In a cornfield near Bowling Green, a few Ohioans dared to dream of a place to show that "alternative energy" can become "conventional energy" for all Ohioans! Now the dream is reality. The dedication celebration for the AMP-Ohio/Green Mountain Energy Wind Farm was November 7, 2003. 

                         GEOs and Friends at Bowling Green Wind Farm Dedication
                                       See More Photos of Wind Dedication Here

The Wind Farm is located near the Wood County landfill, off State Route 6, west of Bowling Green. At its highest point, the tip of the blade is taller than a 30-story building. Combined, the unit will produce nearly 6.9 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually - enough to power approximately 785 homes.  See GEO's Ohio Utility-Scale Wind Farm web page and the Oct. 22, 2003 Columbus Dispatch Article: Huge Electric Wind Turbines Sprout in Ohio.  Oct. 29, 2003 Cleveland Plain Dealer Article: Bowling Green Breezing Towards Renewable EnergyJan. 9, 2004 Port Clinton New Herald Article: Windmill Power.  Feb. 29, 2004 Toledo Blade Article: Wood County Gets A Charge Out of Wind Turbines; Project Generates More Power Than Expected

Ohio is now the home for two 1.8 MegaWatt (MW) utility-scale wind turbines in Bowling Green.  The wind farm operated at 30% capacity and 97% availability during its first month of operation according to Bowling Green Municipal Utilities. Photo at left below by GEO Volunteer Craig Miller shows 132 foot-long turbine blades bending in a high wind that month (early November to early December 2003).

Photo at right above by Green Mountain Energy Co. shows one of the smaller cranes used to install first turbine.  See construction pictures of these impressive turbines as they begin to generate clean energy from Ohio's powerful winds. GEO is pleased to see this wind power development finally take off in state. At the wind farm's foundation is the hard work of many GEO volunteers from the GEO Wind Committee that completed many wind monitoring activities across Northeast Ohio. GEO shared this wind data with the Bowling Green Wind Farm Project Partners, which prevented the wind farm from being delayed a year or two.

For infomation to obtain the wind data developed by Green Energy Ohio, click here. For information on the history and pictures of the groundbreaking ceremony of the Wind Farm, click here. In this Ohio Bicentennial Year, while modern wind turbines are new for the Buckeye State, our proud history includes the world's first electric wind turbines invented in Cleveland, Ohio by Charles Brush.