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Completed Ohio Wind Monitoring Sites

The GEO Wind Program has measured the potential power in the wind at a variety of sites across Ohio.  This has been done using industry-standard equipment and data analysis, with the goal of determining the viability of sites for utility-scale wind electricity production.



2008/2009 Ohio Anemometer Loan Program (ALP) Sites

Tower commissioning for the 2008/2009 Anemometer Loan Program (ALP) sites took place during June 23-25, 2008. The two sites chosen for the 2008/2009 program include Archbold Area Schools, and Cuyahoga County Agricultural Society. The site at Archbold High School is a collaboration with nearby Pettisville School System and Northwest State Community College with the hope of installing one or more wind turbines that will generate electricity for the schools and provide tremendous educational opportunities for their students. The Cuyahoga County Agricultural Society site is located in the infield of the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds racetrack and will provide educational opportunities for tens of thousands of annual visitors to the fairgrounds.  Click here for more information on the 2008/2009 ALP sites.  

Archbold Tower Commissioning
Archbold ALP Meterology Tower Commissioning

Archbold Tower Commissioning
Cuy. Co. Fair Tower Comissioning
Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds ALP Meterology Tower Commissioning




Baughman Tile Company
Baughman Commissioning2
Baughman Tile Meteorology Tower Commissioning in Paulding, Ohio

Toledo Zoo



Mayfield Heights - This site was the first site GEO (then SEED-Ohio) measured using anemometers and other standard meteorological equipment.  This monitoring was done on a 60 meter cell phone tower.


Vermilion - This wind monitoring was also done on a cell phone tower, and at 60 meters has yielded GEO its second highest wind speeds of any of its monitoring sites.


Lake Farmpark - GEO's first wind installation was a meteorological tower at Lake Farmpark, near Cleveland.  Installed by volunteers in 1997, this test and monitoring tower still stands, accumulating valuable long-term data to determine wind trends in Northeast Ohio.


North Springfield - This Pennsylvania site was one of a five-site study of wind power in Pennsylvania, the results of which have led to the development of three wind farms in PA in the last two years.


Bowling Green - Following the May 2001 completion of GEO's resource assessment with a 50 meter meteorological installation, the City of Bowling Green is now in the process of installing Ohio's first utility-scale wind turbine.


Painesville - From July through December 2000, GEO measured wind speed, direction and temperature at a height of 40 meters on city-owned property at the Painesville Wastewater Treatment Plant.


Glacier Ridge Metro Park - GEO is teamed with the Columbus Metro Parks system to install a small-scale (10 kW) generator in the new Glacier Ridge Metro Park, presently under development near Dublin, OH.  No wind testing is currently planned.  See web site recording output of the wind turbine.


Green Mountain Energy's Morrow County Site - On April 15, 2002, Green Mountain Energy Co. announced a 50 meter wind test tower on Morrow County Road 37 in North Bloomfield Township, 4 miles west of the Mid Ohio Race Track. It is 15  miles southwest of Mansfield and about 45 miles northeast of Columbus.


Congregation of St. Joseph - The wind monitoring tower on the rim on the Rocky River Valley was established in March of 2003 by Green Energy Ohio. The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph Motherhouse (convent) and their St. Joseph Academy have been present on the bluff overlooking the Rocky River Valley since 1907.