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Vanner Inc. Tour

Vanner Power Group
, 4282 Reynolds Drive, Hilliard, Ohio 43026

Since 1977, Vanner, Inc. has been manufacturing electrical power conversion products to serve a number of different market segments around the world.  Recently, Vanner designed, manufactured and successfully launched several DC to AC power inverters with battery charger combinations targeted to meet the growing needs of the renewable market.  This worldwide market has the fastest growth rate and offers the greatest potential of any market Vanner serves, and ultimately provides one of their strongest opportunities to lead the company into this solar century.

In July 2001 Vanner successfully gained UL 1741 recognition for the SunLynx system.  The SLM (SunLynx Module) combined with the RE48-4500 inverter is one of the first true batteryless grid-tie and non-grid tie solar systems available.  The company began years ago building battery chargers, battery isolators, DC to AC power inverters, electronic flasher controls, and other devices to meet the needs of the emergency vehicle market, e.g., ambulance and fire trucks in North America.

Vanner is proud to be established in Hilliard, Ohio where the tradition of innovation and engineering excellence is second to none.  By applying these assets to the renewable energy market the future is bright for an energy conscious America.

The October 14, 2001 Central Ohio Solar Tour began at the Vanner factory.  Below is tour group in front of Vanner's net metered 1.8 kW PV system.

Phil Irwin, Vanner Marketing Director, began the solar tour with an explanation of the Vanner
net metering inverter in the factory lunchroom and then gave a guided tour of the electronic factory, including its automated production process in the photos below.