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Larry Flowers - Wind Powering America, NREL

Overview of Wind Power

Larry Flowers - Co-Chair,
Wind Powering
America, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
: Overview of Wind Power: 9:00 AM; Update on
Ohio Wind Resources Panel: 9:30 AM; Networking Session: 5:00 PM

 Larry Flowers is a team leader at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)?s Wind Technology Center in Golden, CO. His principal responsibilities are Wind Powering America and International Village Power. He has been at NREL for over twenty years and held responsibilities in solar thermal, buildings, utility, industrial, international, and currently wind power applications. He has spent the last nine years in wind technology with an emphasis on village and international systems. He was assigned the WPA national initiative lead in October 1999. Prior to NREL, he worked in the aluminum industry in manufacture ring, applications engineering, and marketing. He has degrees in Engineering and Business Administration.