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Mick Sagrillo - Wind Energy Expert

Small Wind Development Overview

 Mick Sagrillo - Owner, Sagrillo Power and Light
Appearances: Small Wind Development Overview: 10:30 AM; Ohio Small Wind Experience (Review Panel); 1:30 PM; Networking Session: 5:00 PM
Mick Sagrillo explained small wind developments, choosing a small wind system, and advised on current small wind installations throughout Ohio. Get an insight to his expertise by reading his fourth "Apples & Oranges" article, featured in August/September 2002 edition of the Home Power magazine, that explains the complexities of choosing a home-sized wind generator.

Mick Sagrillo has over 20 years experience with wind technology and founded in 1983 Lake Michigan Wind & Sun, Ltd, a company which manufactures wind generator components & towers, remanufactures and repairs equipment, and installs wind systems. He has been involved in over 700 projects in 46 states and 29 foreign countries. He is also an author and has written many of the most influential articles published on small-scale wind technology. He is the wind editor and a regular contributor of wind power articles to Home Power Magazine; monthly columnist for the American Wind Energy Association?s Windletter; columnist for Solar Today magazine and has written various articles on wind power for PV/Wind Energy News and Backwoods Home magazine. Many of his articles have been widely reprinted and translated into other languages. He has led many workshops on wind energy. He is a founding member of the Midwest Renewable energy Association and has served as president of the board since 1991. He has an unparalleled record of service to organizations working to promote sustainable energy and has received numerous awards for his outstanding work. He is currently the owner of Sagrillo Power and Light, a consulting firm specializing in home-sized wind turbine technology and educational workshops.