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Previous GEO Wind Program Activities

Anemometer Loan Program

Completed Ohio Wind Monitoring Sites


Cleveland Crib Wind Assessment 


Midwest Wind Siting Project
Green Energy Ohio has partnered with RENEW Wisconsin, Center for Rural Affairs, Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association, and Clean Wisconsin under a grant provided by RE-AMP, to improve the siting environment for utility scale wind energy in Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan.  A positive and productive approach to wind energy siting that supports, improves and responds to local communities, while also enabling utilities and other developers to effectively and efficiently unlock wind energy potential across our region, will help lead Ohio and other states to achieve their renewable energy goals.


Northwest Ohio Coastal Wind Initiative (NWO-CWI)
The NWO-CWI is a Congressional Appropriation made possible by Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D-Toledo). The project consists of four components, designed to identify and evaluate potential land-based sites for a small-scale, demonstration wind turbine development project in Congresswoman Kaptur's district.

Ohio Tall Towers
In August 2004, GEO received a Tall Towers grant from the US Dept. of Energy.  Four sites in various parts of the state were be chosen for monitoring in consultation with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).  For the first time ever in Ohio, GEO used existing cell phone or communications towers to reach upper heights of 100 meters and will attempt to locate instrumentation at 130 meters (the top of the turbine blade on larger units) on some towers.  Lower heights of 30 to 50 meters and middle heights of 50 to 75 meters will yield an accurate measure of the wind shear at each location. 


Ohio Wind Power Conferences

Ohio Wind Working Group
The Ohio Wind Working Group is the forum on wind energy development information in the State of Ohio. Drawing from the manufacturing, government, development and research sectors, as well as local landowners, OWWG members work collaboratively to address obstacles in wind energy development and educate the public on the benefits of wind energy.  For more information visit


Wind Energy Works!