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Cleveland Crib


2008 Cleveland Crib Wind Report

The January 10, 2008 Green Energy Ohio Report - "A Wind Resource Assessment for Near-Shore Lake Erie Cleveland Water Crib Monitoring Site Two-Year Report"  is available as a 90-page .pdf at the link below.  Also available are the GEO News Release and a stand alone Crib Report Executive Summary as a 6-page .pdf.

A Wind Resource Assessment for Near-Shore Lake Erie:
Cleveland Water Crib Monitoring Site Two-Year Report      90-page .pdf

Crib Report Executive Summary (also in full report)           6-page .pdf

January 10, 2008 GEO News Release on Crib Report          1-page .pdf

This report was presented to the January 10, 2008 meeting of the Great Lakes Energy Development Task Force in Cleveland, Ohio. Prepared by Green Energy Ohio with funding from Cuyahoga County, authors of the report were: Katherine Dykes, GEO Wind Program Data Analyst; Fletcher Miller, GEO Board Member & Program Advisor; Bob Weinberg, GEO Volunteer and Renaissance Group Researcher; AAron Godwin, GEO Board Member & Renaissance Group Founder; Emily Sautter, GEO Wind Program Data Analyst; With Support from: Kemp Jaycox, GEO Wind Program Manager and a Scientific Peer Review by: AWS Truewind, LLC.

See the GEO Presentation to the Task Force by Fletcher Miller, AAron Godwin and Kemp Jaycox
as a 22-page .pdf. (2 MB)

See related News Coverage in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Real-Time Wind Data in Lake Erie
A Great Lakes First

GEO volunteers on Sept 28, 2005 began operation of the wind test and weather data instruments on the tallest wind monitor on any of the Great Lakes.  The data comes from a test tower 165 feet (50 meters) above the lake surface using sensors, instruments on the water intake crib for the City of Cleveland 3.5 miles offshore from the downtown.


GEO transferred ownership of the MET tower on the Crib to the City of Cleveland in 2008 and no longer controls the Crib camera.  Case Western Reserve University is managing wind data collection at the Crib.  Case re-aimed the camera this winter for an icing study as part of the off-shore feasibility study being conducted by Cuyahoga Co.


For more information, please contact:

David Matthiesen
Case Western Reserve University

Associate Professor - Dept. of Materials, Science and Engr.

(216) 368-1368


See real-time data, live web video camera, project information, photos, links and news accounts, click here.

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