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Northwest Ohio Coastal Wind Initiative (NWO-CWI)

The NWO-CWI is a Congressional Appropriation made possible by Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D-Toledo).  The project consists of four components, designed to identify and evaluate potential land-based sites for a small-scale, demonstration wind turbine development project in Congresswoman Kaptur's district. 


        1.  Advanced Site Screening Report


The report entitled Northwest Ohio Coastal Wind Initiative Potential Wind Energy Siting Locations: Advanced Site Screening, was prepared by AWS Truewind, LLC (AWS) on behalf of the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority (Port Authority).  The project involved screening potential sites using various criteria (e.g., projected wind speeds; the presence of wetlands, parks and other important wildlife areas; proximity to power lines and other utilities; the presence of roads, railroads and other infrastructure, etc.).  A list of 16 potential sites was ultimately narrowed to four using these criteria.  A more detailed assessment of the four remaining sites included identifying landowners, reviewing local zoning ordinaces, defining scenarios for location-appropriate types of turbine applications and ownership structures, preparing a sample wind system design and interconnection diagram, estimating energy production, and estimating capital costs and life cycle ecomomics of wind turbine installations.   The report is available for download in the following sections:


                      Section 1: Introduction

                      Section 2: Landowner Identification

                      Section 3: Landowner Identification (cont.)

                      Section 4: Review of Zoning Ordinances - Project Economics

                      Section 5: Project Economics (cont.) - Summary and Next Steps


        2.  Avian Report

Curry & Kerlinger, L.L.C. avian/wildlife consultants, recently completed a feasibility study to assess potential avian risk for the construction and operation of a small demonstration wind farm.  The study was completed as part of the Northwest Ohio Coastal Wind Initiative that GEO and AWS Truewind, LLC are currently performing for the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority.  The study area was the coastal plain along Lake Erie (from the lakeshore to three miles inland) from Toledo to Lorain, Ohio, including portions of Lucas, Ottawa, Sandusky, Erie, and Lorain CountiesClick here to download a copy of the report.

          3.  Outreach Meetings

Working with Bowling Green State University (BGSU) and BGSU Firelands personnel, GEO organized, planned and hosted a series of five public outreach meetings during March 18-26, 2008. Approximately 365 people living in northwest and north-central Ohio attended the meetings, which took place in the following counties of Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur's district: Lucas, Ottawa, Sandusky, Erie, and Lorain. The highlight of the first meeting was a surprise visit and presentation by Rep. Kaptur. She applauded the standing room only crowd for their interest in wind and commented how wind energy can be a strong economic development tool for Ohio. The meetings were designed to present general information on wind energy from a global to local perspective, potential avian impacts, and related community planning / economic feasibility issues. Select the following links for answers to questions posed by attendees at the outreach meetings. 
                      Lucas County Outreach Meeting
                      Ottawa County Outreach Meeting
                      Sandusky County Outreach Meeting
                      Erie County Outreach Meeting
                      Lorain County Outreach Meeting

           4.  Wind Monitoring Study

The fourth component of the NWO-CWI is a 12-month wind monitoring study, currently underway, at Port Clinton in Ottawa County. On May 14, 2008 GEO installed wind monitoring instrumentation on an existing communications tower located on Freemont Rd.  GEO would like to thank the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners for leasing the tower space for a nomial fee, and Luke Dostal, Engineer with the Ottawa County Sanitary Engineering Department, for weekly data retrieval.