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Wind Energy Resources

Public Wind Database - Wind Monitoring Reports & Data Sets Available!

GEO currently maintains Ohio's only public wind database for utility scale wind development.  The majority of GEO's wind data have been given to NREL to verify Ohio's wind resource maps.  Based on increasing demand for these data, as well as GEO summary reports for the various wind assessment sites, GEO is now offering these data and/or reports for a small processing fee.  Click here for additional information.  Click here to download GEO's Wind Data Request Form.

Steps to Pursuing a Small Scale Wind Turbine Installation


Small Wind Conference Tool Kit

Includes detailed information on siting, choosing, and installing a wind turbine for a residential application.


Wind Energy Conferences/Programs

Renewable Energy Directory


Incentives/Grants/Tax Credits - Ohio

Residential and business electric consumers seeking information on financial incentives available from the State of Ohio to encourage wind energy resources should visit the following web sites:


Incentives/Grants/Tax Credits - Federal




Net Metering


Landowner Guidelines For Evaluating Wind Energy Production Contracts


Ohio Wind Speed Static Maps



Ohio Wind Speed Interactive Maps


  • Use the Ohio Wind Resource map, on the Ohio Power Siting Board's web site, to obtain a preliminary evaluation of the local wind resource.  You can zoom in to your location, select a height of wind speed, and click on the plus sign to the immediate left of the chosen height to expand the legend for that height.


  • AWS Truewind's windNavigator - an Interactive wind speed map of the U.S.; provides wind speed data at heights of 60, 80, and 100 meters to a resolution of 2.5 km.


Ohio Small Wind Case Studies


Local Zoning


Wind Sites on the 2005 Ohio Solar Tour


Reports Related to Wind Energy

  • Avian Report: Curry & Kerlinger, L.L.C. avian/wildlife consultants, recently completed a feasibility study to assess potential avian risk for the construction and operation of a small demonstration wind farm.  The study was completed as part of the Northwest Ohio Coastal Wind Initiative that GEO and AWS Truewind, LLC are currently performing for the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority.  The study area was the coastal plain along Lake Erie (from the lakeshore to three miles inland) from Toledo to Lorain, Ohio, including portions of Lucas, Ottawa, Sandusky, Erie, and Lorain CountiesClick here to download a copy of the report.

  • Site Screening Report: The report entitled Northwest Ohio Coastal Wind Initiative Potential Wind Energy Siting Locations: Advanced Site Screening, was prepared by AWS Truewind, LLC (AWS) on behalf of the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority (Port Authority).  The project involved screening potential sites using various criteria (e.g., projected wind speeds; the presence of wetlands, parks and other important wildlife areas; proximity to power lines and other utilities; the presence of roads, railroads and other infrastructure, etc.).  The report is available for download in the following sections:

                          Section 1: Introduction

                          Section 2: Landowner Identification

                          Section 3: Landowner Identification (cont.)

                          Section 4: Review of Zoning Ordinances - Project Economics

                          Section 5: Project Economics (cont.) - Summary and Next Steps

  • Great Lakes Wind Energy Center (GLWEC) Feasibility Study: 

                          Lake Erie Wind Resource Assessment

                          Geological and Geotechnical Desktop Study
                          Geological and Geotechnical Desktop Study Figures

                          Initial Ecological Assessment

    The Great Lakes Energy Development Task Force, created in 2006 by Cuyahoga County Commissioners and committed to exploring legal, technical, environmental, economic, and financial aspects of developing and implementing advanced energy technologies in Cuyahoga County, is investigating the feasibility of installing a pilot wind farm project consisting of 5?20 MW or 2-10 wind turbines in Lake Erie just offshore of Cleveland.  The task force also hopes to stimulate job creation and manufacturing by potentially creating a test center where manufacturers can test offshore product design, a certification center where offshore wind-related equipment may be certified, and an advanced research center for wind energy and technology run by public, private, or academic institutions.  Following are links to the first three reports completed in the feasibility study: