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Solar Hot Water System Basics

Please refer to the following resources to better understand solar hot water systems and how they might be right for you.

 US Department of Energy - Solar Hot Water 101

National Renewable Energy Laboratory - Solar Hot Water for Homeowners

Green Energy Ohio 1-page Solar Hot Water Factsheet

Green Energy Ohio 16-page Ohio Solar Thermal Consumer Guide

Cover and Introduction

What is Solar Heating?
What are the basic components of a solar thermal system?
Three Types of Collectors, System Components, Common Types of Systems

Investing in Solar Thermal Technology
Why should I invest in a solar thermal system?
How much will your solar heating system help the environment?
How have solar systems improved?
Is my home a good place for a solar heating system?
How big should my solar thermal system be, and which features should I look for?

Collector sizing information for domestic hot water, pools,
and space-heating

Will I have to change my habits?
How can I finance the cost of my solar thermal system?
Are there incentives?
How much money will my solar thermal system save, and how much will it cost?
What are the maintenance issues and repair costs for a solar thermal system?

Selecting a Solar Heating Contractor
Who sells and installs solar thermal systems?
How do I choose amoung solar thermal systems providers?
How do I choose among bids?
Before you put solar heating to work...
Do I need a conventional system as a backup?
Will I need any permits or inspections?
What about insurance?
Will I need Warranties?
Will I need a maintenance agreement?
Getting Help
List of resources
Frequently Asked Questions
System Reference: Common Advantages and Disadvantages