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Green Energy Ohio (GEO)
is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting environmentally and economically sustainable energy policies and practices in Ohio.

GEO promotes renewable energy (solar, wind, biomass & low-impact hydro) statewide by acting as a clearinghouse to inform Ohioans on sustainable energy.

The use of solar energy is advanced in the Ohio Solar Tour each October and by publications and information from GEO as Ohio's Chapter of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES). 
American Solar Energy Society's (ASES) E-Newsletter - January/February 2004

Wind power is promoted for small-scale (residential and commerical) and utility-scale sites (started by the commericial wind turbines connected to the power grid at Bowling Green in late 2003).  The Second Ohio Wind Power Conference will be held on Nov. 18-19, 2004 in Cleveland.

Informing and providing assistance to homeowners about clean energy from adopting energy efficiency measures and renewable energy systems for their homes.   GEO public education web site, workshops and conferences provide this information.  GEO also supports adoption of green power programs in which Ohioans can purchase electricity generated by renewable resources as part of their daily energy consumption.

In 2003, GEO helped establish the Ohio Clean Energy Business Association (OCEBA) bringing the state's renewable energy manufacturers and providers together.  Earlier GEO held training sessions to provide qualified installers of solar electric systems and a similar program is continuing in 2004 at Owens Community College in Perrysburg, Ohio.

Volunteer clean energy projects are encouraged by Green Energy Ohio to help show that renewable energy powers real places for real people in Ohio. The 2004 GEO Annual Meeting is set for May 22.  Check out the links below to find out more about how you can help Green Up Ohio by Joining GEO. 
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