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 Ohio's Renewable Energy Scrapbook - History of Buckeye Clean Energy

GEO Program Surveys

      Results of Online GEO Surveys


      CLICK HERE for a list of internships, jobs and trainings offered in Ohio and nationally.


      December 2011 - Transforming and Embracing Innovation in Ohio's 9th Congressional District:
Moving towards Sustainable, Efficient and Reliable Energy
- U.S. Dept. of Energy Award DE-E0000483,
National Technical Energy Laboratory, 96 pages, including reports by Green Energy Ohio.

       How Ohio's Renewable Energy Grant Program Compares to CESA Study

       GEO Policy Update Network -  2008, 2007 & 2006 Ohio Policy Actions

Incentives/Grants/Tax Credits

               Energize Ohio - EE & RE Incentives - 2010-2011-2012

Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy -
The Best National/State/Local Overview

Federal Farm Bill Section 9006
 also provides federal grant and loan guarantees for energy efficiency and renewable energy systems in rural Ohio.  The Farm Bill Renewable Energy and Energy
       Efficiency Program

Ohio Clean Energy Incentives 

        Ohio Supreme Court Limits Net Metering Incentive

        Ohio's Net Metering Law (.pdf)

        Net Metering Questions & Answers at the PUCO

        How Does Net Metering Work?

Ohio Investor Owned Utility's Green Pricing Programs

Federal Solar Tax Incentives -  February 2009 - Solar Tax & Policy Changes in Stimulus Bill
                                                October 2008 - Solar PV Tax Credit Extended for 8 Years

Federal Small Wind Tax Incentive - February 2009 & October 2008 Small Wind Tax Changes  
        Other Federal Renewable Energy / Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives


Renewable Energy Directory - Ohio & National

         Ohio Renewable Energy Installers    List in .pdf
List of National Manufacturers    List in .pdf

Tools & Other Resources

OEE's Ohio Clean Power Estimator 

Home Clean Energy Systems

        Types of Systems 

        Making Wise Decisions As You Install Your Solar Power System (.pdf)

        Passive Solar Home Design Checklist

        Conservation & Renewable Energy Resources (.pdf)  
        Also, see Energy Efficiency Resources below      

Fuel Cells in Ohio

         2003 Columbus Dispatch Article on Westerville Electric's Fuel Cell


Energy Efficiency Resources
         AEP Energy Efficiency Programs and Rebates 

         Energy Efficiency Checklist by Rocky Mountain Institute

         How's Your Home's 'Physical Fitness'? by Alliance to Save Energy

University Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio (UCEAO)