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The "GEO" Annual Awards for 2011 will be presented to recipients at the GE0 12th Annual Meeting event at 11:00 am - 4:00 pm, Building Ohio's Energy Future on Saturday, May 5, 2012 at the Mound Advanced Technology Center, 480 Vantage Point, Miamisburg, Ohio 45342.  Links about Award Recipients inside the descriptions below.  News Release [CLICK HERE].

                          Green Energy Ohio’s Annual Recognition Awards for 2011

The Pioneer of the Year 2011 Award

Jay Warmke - Blue Rock Station Jay brings a diverse background to the field of green energy. He and his wife Annie operate the Blue Rock Station Sustainable Living Center, where they live and demonstrate a low-impact lifestyle. Their home, Ohio's first "Earthship" (a thermal-mass, passive solar heated home made of tires, bottles and rammed earth) is the centerpiece of this 40-acre facility in southeastern Ohio. Jay has served on the GEO Board of Directors since 2007.  Prior to settling into the beautiful hills of Southeast Ohio, Jay served as executive director of BICSI (a global telecommunications association) from 1991-2001. He is co-founder of the Ohio Green Living Association. He earned his BS in Journalism for Ohio University (1981) and attended the MBA program at the University of South Florida (1985-88). Jay recently completed a textbook published by Marcraft ( on Green Technologies.  See cover photo and feature in Winter 2012 Green Energy Ohio News Magazine.  Read Jay's newest book: When the Biomass Hits the Wind Turbine that is available for sale at the May 5 GEO Annual Meeting where Jay can sign it with book sales including a donation to GEO.


Public Official of the Year 2011

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown. For his advocacy of green energy legislation to create new jobs and programs expanding Ohio's and the Nation's clean energy industry.  Working to decrease dependence on foreign oil, Senator Brown's effort helped Ohio become the leading state in clean energy jobs created by the Recovery Act during the first reporting period.  Since January 2007, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown has held more than 170 community roundtables across Ohio's 88 counties. His legislative efforts include tax credits for Ohio manufacturers and initiatives for solar and wind power industrial development.  Senator Brown appears in the GEO promotional video

Non-Profit of the Year 2011 

Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance. 
 The Energy Alliance’s mission is to facilitate investment in energy efficiency for homeowners, non-profit organizations, and commercial building owners through outreach and education, project management, and financing solutions.  April 2010, the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance was one of 25 organizations nationwide awarded a competitive Better Buildings Neighborhood grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. The $17 million award will help the Energy Alliance expand its offerings to homeowners and non-profits in Greater Cincinnati and develop programs to help commercial and multi-family buildings reduce their energy waste.  As a regional nonprofit, the Energy Alliance helps homeowners save money and improve the comfort and safety of their homes.  GCEA's comprehensive certified Home Energy Assessment is a 3-5 hour analysis of a home's air leakage, heating and cooling equipment, utility usage, insulation needs, and mechanical systems.  The Home Energy Assessment report provides residents a report of all energy saving opportunities available, including project cost, energy savings, cash incentives, and low-interest financing. The Home Performance with Energy Star Program includes:
     ·   Comprehensive energy assessment for only $50 ($400 market-value);
     ·   Home improvement incentive of up to 35%of project cost;
     ·   GC-HELP Loan Program at 6.99% and still receive a 35% incentive, and;
     ·   Quality Assurance: Certified and trained contractors, plus job oversight.


Ohio Business of the Year 2011 - Two Awards: 

Iberdrola Renewables LLC. The largest wind operator in the world, and the developer and operator of the Blue Creek Wind Farm near Van Wert, Ohio, Iberdrola Renewables, LLC builds and operates responsible energy projects that benefit the local community and future generations.  The $600 million Blue Creek Wind Farm was the largest investment in Ohio during 2011 of the top 12 companies investing over $100 million.  As the largest single-stage project in Iberdrola Renewables' U.S. wind fleet of nearly 50 projects, tax payments by Iberdrola Renewables to Van Wert County are equal to the top 14 taxpayers combined.  It also brings approximately $2 million in annual lease payments to local landowners, 15 to 20 new permanent jobs, and peaked at over 500 workers on-site during construction.  Over 50% of all workers during construction are from Ohio, and over 20 suppliers and sub-contractors are Ohio companies. 
See Blue Creek Wind Farm cover photo and feature in Winter 2012 Green Energy Ohio News Magazine.

EDP Renewables. Horizon Wind Energy LLC (“Horizon”) and its subsidiaries develop, construct, own, and operate wind farms throughout North America. Based in Houston, Texas with over 15 offices and 27 wind farms across the United States, Horizon has developed more than 3,600 MW and operates over 3,400 MW of wind farms.  In October 2011, Horizon Wind Energy’s Timber Road Wind Farm was be fully operational and delivering clean electricity to American Electric Power. Located in Paulding County, Ohio, just south of Payne, construction of Horizon’s 99 megawatt (MW) wind farm commenced in early December and will be comprised of 55 1.8 MW Vestas V100.  Timber Road Wind Farm is Horizon’s first project in Ohio and is the first large utility-scale wind farm operating in Ohio.  See Timber Road Wind Farm cover article in the   Spring 2011 Green Energy Ohio News Magazine.

Clean Energy Community of the Year 2011 - Three Awards:

Oberlin College & the City of Oberlin - The Oberlin Project.  A joint effort of the City of Oberlin, Oberlin College, and private and institutional partners, the Oberlin Project works to create a national model for sustainable communities.  Among the project goals are: to transform Oberlin into one of the first climate positive cities in America by shifting the City and College to renewable energy sources and radically improving efficiency and to create a vibrant locally based economy by supporting existing and launching new business ventures in energy efficiency and solar deployment, food and agriculture, and the sustainable use of local resources.  Participating in the September 2011 Oberlin College Conference, GEO presented a report on the potential for solar, wind and green business development.  Visit the Oberlin Project and the article in Winter 2012 Green Energy Ohio News Magazine.

Sinclair Community College.  Under the leadership and support of Dr. Robert Gilbert, Sinclair Community Colleges’ Director of The Center for Energy Education, GEO training on solar thermal technology reached over 100 individuals since 2009. During the GEO training at Sinclair students received an overview of solar resources and fundamentals, common types of systems and components, site selection and installation considerations, incentives, payback and hands-on learning through the functional mobile solar hot water lab station.  Sinclair participated in GEO's largest ever business-to-business workshop in February 2011 at the Dayton Convention Center.  The community college has been the site for GEO meetings and hosted the GEO Tour at the Center for Energy Education a number of times. See Spring 2011 Green Energy Ohio News Magazine article.

Zane State College.  In its Energizing Appalachian Ohio program, Zane State College is providing customized, short-term job training to help unemployed, dislocated, and incumbent workers obtain good jobs or advance their careers. Training areas include traditional and alternative energy production and green industries that promote energy efficiency, energy independence, and environmental protection.  On April 15, 2011 Zane State College partnered with GEO to bring to their Zanesville campus some 17 different community college training institutions as part of the Midwest Solar Training Network. Zane State College partnered with Green Energy Ohio to host GEO's 6th Solar Thermal Workforce Training on August 29-30, 2011. Eleven industry professionals were trained on solar resources and fundamentals, common types of systems and components, site selection, installation considerations, incentives and return on investment of residential solar hot water systems.  Zane State is also designing several new LEED buildings. See article in Winter 2011 Green Energy Ohio News Magazine.

GEO Volunteer of the Year 2011
Richard Lamprey.  For his dedicated assistance with GEO activities in a variety of volunteer efforts on behalf of GEO, the Award recognizes Worthington resident Richard Lamprey. Richard helped GEO with some historic wind data on floppy disks and worked his geeky magic to produce a wind data for study of the Sisters of St. Joseph site in Cleveland.  The original software to read the data was gone, so Richard wrote the computer programs to process and produce a wind resource database that GEO could not have done without Richard. Other GEO contributions have been event photography, membership recruitment, recycling old equipment and volunteering at numerous GEO events.  Richard has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in systems engineering from Ohio University and is a retired engineer from a private consulting practice.

GEO Board Dedicated Service Awards 2011 - Two Awards
David Heckler, Treasurer, 2003 - 2011.
  For his dedicated service as Board Treasurer and active Board Member, this Award recognizes Xenia resident David Heckler.  David manages the Tri-Cities North Regional Wastewater Authority (including a biomass anaerobic digestion process producing methane gas which is converted to energy) which serves northern Montgomery and southern Miami Counties (near Dayton). He has 29 years experience in local government management and wrote Ohio's first net metering ordinance while Village Manager of Yellow Springs. Also, while Village Manager, he sponsored Ohio's first net-metered solar school at Mills Lawn Elementary and assisted with the installation of a 1 kW PV array at the site.

David Panich, Membership Chair, 2007 - 2011.   For his dedicated service as Board Membership Chair and active Board Member, this Award recognizes Athens resident David Panich.  David is a registered architect and founding partner in the firm of Panich + Noel  Architects (P+N) in Athens, Ohio. He has been involved with solar since the mid-1970's, designing and developing residential and commercial buildings that utilize passive solar and energy conservation measures.  He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) and is the Chair of the ASES Solar Buildings Division and Vice Chair of the ASES Sustainability Division.   David is a 1971 graduate of the Ohio University School of Architecture and has worked with architectural firms in New York, Oregon and Ohio.  He is a member of the American Institute of Architects, the Construction Specifications Institute, and is a LEED™ accredited professional with a specialty in Building Design and Construction.   

                                       GEO Annual Recognition Awards 2001-2011

GEO Pioneer of the Year Awards
2001: Robert Howard Family
2002: GEO Wind Committee
2003: Daryl Stockburger
2004: GEO Green Team for the Ohio Governor's Residence
2005: Al Compaan
2006: City of Cleveland Sustainability Program

2007: Cleveland Indians
2008: Governor Ted Strickland
2009: Ralph Dull
2010: Three Pioneer of the Year Awards: 
            Michelle Greenfield (
Third Sun Solar & Wind);
            Al Frasz (
Dovetail Solar & Wind); and,

            Greg Kuss (SolarVision LLC)
2011: Jay Warmke (Blue Rock Station)

GEO Public Official of the Year Awards
2001: Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council  (NOPEC), Mayor of Eastlake
2002: Tom Maves, Renewable Energy  Specialist, Ohio Office of Energy, Efficiency, ODOD 2003: Andy Boatright, Utility Manager, City of Westerville
2004: Governor & Mrs. Bob Taft
2005: Peter Dreyfuss, Midwest Office Director, U.S. Department of Energy
2006: U.S. Representative Marcy Kaptur

2007: Sara Ward, former Chief, Ohio Energy Office, Ohio Dept. of Development  
2008: Ohio Senator Jon Husted, former Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives
Mark R. Shanahan, Energy Advisor to the Governor
2010: Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman
2011: U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown

GEO Nonprofit Group of the Year Awards
2001: Foundation for Environmental Education   
2002: Columbus-Franklin County Metro Parks
2003: American Municipal Power of Ohio
2004: Northwest Ohio Partnership for Alternative Energy Systems
2005: The George Gund Foundation & The Cleveland Foundation
2006: Entrepreneurs for Sustainability
2007: Great Lakes Science Center
2008: The Sierra Club
2009: Ohio Interfaith Power & Light
2010: Chris
Energy Program, Dayton Development Coalition
2011: Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance

GEO Business of the Year Awards
2001: Green Mountain Energy Company
2002: Vanner Inc.
2003: First Solar
2004: Doty & Miller Architects
2005: Decker Homes
2006: Convention & Vistiors Bureau of Greater Cleveland

2007: Duke Energy
2008: Melink Corporation
2009: Ohio Magazine
Design Group
2011: Two Business of the Year Awards:
           Iberdrola Renewables
           EDP Renewables


Ohio Clean Energy Community of the Year Awards
2004: The Bowling Green & Wood County Community
2005: City of Cuyahoga Falls
2006: City of Oberlin / Oberlin College

2007: City of Cleveland & Cuyahoga County
2008: City of Cincinnati 
           Cincinnati Technical & Community College
           Duke Energy 
           University of Cincinnati
2009: Ohio Community Colleges
           Cincinnati State Technical & Community College, Cincinnati, Ohio

           Columbus State Community College, Columbus, Ohio
           Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland, Ohio
           Hocking College Energy Institute,
 Logan, Ohio

           Owens Community College, Perrysburg, Ohio
2010: Ohio Green Zoos
Akron Zoo
           Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
           Columbus Zoo & Aquarium
           Cleveland Zoo
           The Toledo Zoo
2011: Three Ohio Clean Energy Community of the Year Awards:
           Oberlin College - The Oberlin Project
           Sinclair Community College

           Zane State College

GEO Volunteer of Year Awards
2001: Ryan Sullivan
2002: Rhonda Gatzke
2003: Sherry Hubbard
2004: Chris Chmiel, James Groeber, Geoff Rich
2005: Bob Weinberg, AAron Godwin
2006: Jerry Leard, Ruth Vandersall

2007: Scotte Elliott 
2008: Joe Peschel, Donny Davis, Jerry Leard, Matt Bennett, Al Lindeman

2009: Joe Perlaky, Kelle SantaMaria, Jerry Leard, Geoff Greenfield, Siobhan Pritchard
2010: Karen Diehl & Roger Hummel
2011: Richard Lamprey

GEO Special Awards
         Lifetime Achievement 
         2004: Sister Paula Gonzalez
         2006: Fletcher Miller

         Past GEO Board Dedicated Service Awards
         2006: Michelle Greenfield
2007: Dale Arnold
         2008: John Witte
         2009: Don Scherer
         2011: Two GEO Board Dedicated Service Awards:
                    David Heckler, Treasurer, 2003 - 2011
                    David Panich, Membership Chair, 2007 - 2011

Executive Director Award for Outstanding Staff Service 
         2007: Barry Adler