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2015 Solar PV Training

      GEO & ETA Offer
 5-Day Solar PV Certification Training Course
Cincinnati Area - May 11-15, 2015
Melink Corporation 
5140 River Valley Road, Milford, Ohio 45150

Class Registration Limited to 10 Students

$970 fee
includes instruction, hands-on labs, textbook and lab materials [$150 value), ETA International examination free ($150) and lunches. Certification exam is optional but recommended.  This course and/or examination fee may be eligible for VA and AmeriCorp funding. Multi-Registration discounts available.

$930 fee available as discount for Green Energy Ohio [GEO] Members)

This training will prepare individuals for ETA International's Photovoltaic Installer (PV1) Level 1 certification exam.
See for more information.
REGISTER HERE  For more information contact GEO at 614.985.6131 or email

Want to learn how to install solar panels?  Want to become certified to work in the solar energy field?  In as little as five days you can realize your goal.

Taught by Electronic Technicians Association (ETA) Instructor Jay Warmke, this course from GEO is designed for beginners with no electrical experience.  Previous experience with electronics/electricity is not necessary.  The course consists of lectures (50%), as well as, hands-on labs (50%). 

You will work with a working PV system, dismantling and re-installing it, troubleshooting and ensuring its proper operation.  You will also learn how to integrate a working wind turbine into the PV system.

Hearty lunches are catered as part of the fees.  ETA Examination fees (normally $150) and course materials (also around $150) are included as part of the course fee. VETERANS:  The Examination Fee is eligible for VA reimbursement. The course may also be eligible for VA or Americorps reimbursement (check with your contact at these agencies if you think you may qualify).

Let Us Design Your Project
Many students attend this course because they intend to install a PV system at their home.  They hope that this course will give them the tools they need to design and then install their residential system and save thousands of dollars (and it will).  As part of the course curriculum, we will design a residential PV project from start-to-finish.  This means that the students will interview the owner, determine load requirements, design the array, determine all the components (picking real-world options from the Internet), price the system, size the conductors, estimate voltage drop due to resistance, determine the battery bank requirements (if it is a stand-alone system), design the grounding and bonding system, and put together a cost estimate for the materials.

As a special offer to those registering for the class, on a first-come-first-served basis, we can use your project at this course project.  This means that if you register early (and ask), we will take the specifications for your home and project and use this for our case study.  You will then leave the class with a completely designed PV system (saving you perhaps thousands of dollars and feeling confident that you have a well-designed plan in hand).  So call today to see if the class you want to attend still has the project open - and reserve it for yourself. 

GEO is offering photovoltaic (PV) certification training courses across the state course includes instruction in:

• Basic Principles and Concepts of Power
• Passive Versus Active Solar Systems
• Basic Principles and Concepts of Photovoltaics
• Photovoltaic System Components
• Standard System Configurations
• Site Assessment
• Designing a PV System
• Battery Systems
The Cincinnati Area training will be the week of May 11-15 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Melink Corporation, 5140 River Valley Road, Milford, Ohio 45150.  Call GEO at 614.985.6131 to register or for more information.

Cost for the course is $930 for GEO members (includes the $150 ETA certification examination fee), $970 for non GEO members. As part of the course registration, you will also be provided with a PV installation tool kit (multi-meter, wire crimpers, wire strippers, etc) as well as a course instruction textbook. Lunches will be provided.  REGISTER HERE


  • Those interested in beginning a career in PV installation (the ETA Level 1 certification is a great entry-level certification  and is designed to ultimately prepare students for NABCEP certification after they have worked in the industry for a few years.
  • Home owners interested in installing their own system.
  • Business owners who may be considering PV installations in the future.
  • Architects and engineers who wish to know a bit more about PV and how to integrate it into their designs.
  • RV and boat enthusiasts who want to integrate PV into their recreational vehicles.
  • Individuals who work on remote monitoring devices that rely on PV to operate.
  • Those seeking to enter the Peace Corp who want a “leg up” when working on systems in remote locations.
  • Those wanting to build their ideal “cabin in the woods” and get away from it all.
  • Science teachers who need a strong background in PV and alternative energy.
  • Or simply those who want to expand their knowledge about this growing industry.

At the conclusion of this course, you can sit for the ETA (Electronic Technician's Association) internationally recognized Level 1 Photovoltaic certification exam.  See more on ETA at bottom of this web page.

Industry experts have asserted the year 2012 was the year that PV reached grid parity.  It is now, for the first time in history, less expensive to install your own PV system than to continue to purchase electricity from the grid.  And prices continue to fall. 

Currently 30-60% of the cost of installing a small residential PV system is in the design and installation of the system – in other words, the labor.  So if you have thought of changing careers and trying your hand at PV installation, or wish of save a bit of money by installing your own PV system, or simply want to understand this technology that has come of age, this introductory course may be for you.  It is also ideal for business owners who are considering installing a PV system and want to be able to converse intelligently with contractors. 

This 5-day program is designed to take the student through all the theory surrounding PV, as well as the hands-on practical “nuts and bolts” of installing a system.  And relax, this training assumes you know absolutely nothing about photovoltaics, or electricity.  But you certainly will by the end of the week.  REGISTER HERE

Nationally-Recognized Instructor for Class
Jay Warmke,
GEO Board Vice-President and co-owner of Blue Rock Station at Philo, Ohio, Jay is an ETA instructor and author of several books on renewable energy.  Jay received the ETA Educator of the Year Award (2014) on October 17, 2013.  Read more about Jay's view of this PV Class - CLICK HERE.

This 5-day training course  includes instruction in:
Basic Principles and Concepts of Power
     1.Potential and kinetic energy
     2.Molecular structure and covalent bonds
     3.Laws of thermodynamics
     4.Types of energy
     5.Methods of energy transfer
             (conduction, convection, radiation)
     6.Factors that affect the absorption of 
              radiant energy
     7.Power equations
     8.Basic electricity
            1.Relationship of Watts, Volts and Amps
            2.Ohm's Law
            3.Electrical circuits
     9.How batteries work
   10.Direct and alternating currents
   11.Electrical safety