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Biofuel & Renewable Energy Task Force


Download .pdf of March 1, 2004 Biofuels & Renewable Energy Task Force ReportNOTE: This is a 3 MB file and will take time to download.


On January 15 and 16, 2004, GEO presented Testimony on Clean Energy for Ohio in a meeting before the Biofuel and Renewable Energy Task Force in the Ohio General Assembly.  See .pdf of GEO testimony here.  Download testimony and slide presentation .pdfs of the Ohio Clean Energy Business Association (OCEBA), and testimony of the Northwest Ohio Partnership on Alternative Energy.



In early 2004, The Task Force
 took testimony from interested parties regarding aspects of the biofuel and renewable energy industries in Ohio.  Specifically, The Task Force was interested in comments and recommendations on expanding the industries of biofuel and other renewable energy sources in Ohio and on methods to help fund biofuel and renewable energy projects and studies. 


GEO's coments highlighted the growing interest and activities across Ohio involving clean energy, including efforts made by businesses, government, and the education community to build infrastructures for expanding clean energy market.  It urged effective government policy to help Ohio's clean energy industry grow.
These comments appear on GEO's website along with the presentations of several other organizations.

Organizations who submitted comments to The Task Force are:

Alternative Liquid Fuel Industries

Capital Advocates

Central Ohio Clean Fuel Coalition

Farmers Ethanol LLC

Green Energy Ohio

Green Mountain Energy Co.

Liquid Resources of Ohio, LLC.

Northwest Ohio Partnerships on Alternative Energy Systems - University of Toledo

Ohio Agriculture Research and Development Center

Ohio Clean Energy Business Assn. (OCEBA)

Ohio Environmental Council

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

Poly Science BioTech LLC
PUCO Biomass Energy Programs (enter Ohio Biomass in PUCO web page search)

Ohio Partners for Affordable Energy
Ohio Public Information Research Group

Ohio Soybean Association

Ohio State University College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences

Renewable Fuels Association

The Biofuel and Renewable Energy Task Force was created by House Bill 87 and went into effect on March 30, 2003.  The Task Force consists of eight members, each of whom is appointed.  The President of the Senate appoints two Senators, one from each party, while the Speaker of the House appoints two representatives, again, one from each party.  The Governor, the Director of Agriculture and the Director of Development each appoint one member.  The Bill called for appointments to be made and The Task Force to hold its first meeting by September 1, 2003.  The member appointed by the Director of Agriculture serves as chairperson, and The Task Force must elect a vice-chairperson from one of its remaining members.

The Task Force must submit a report providing an overview of the industries of biofuel and other renewable energy sources in Ohio to the General Assembly and the Governor no later than March 1, 2004.  The report must do the following:

  1. Describe the conditions of biofuel and renewable energy industries, and the state programs that provide aid or financial assistance to them.
  2. Compare the status of these industries within Ohio to those of surrounding states.
  3. Include recommendations to expand these industries within Ohio and provide methods to fund biofuel and renewable energy projects and studies. 

The Task Force ceases to exist after submitting its report.

          Members of the Task Force are:
                     State Senator Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo)
                     State Senator Randy Gardner (R-Madison)
                     State Representative Steve Reinhard (R-Bucyrus)
                     State Representative Michael Skindell (D-Lakewood)
                     Jim Hiendlmayr, Bio-Gas Technologies
                     Mark Shanahan, Ohio Air Quality Development Authority
                     Mike Wagner, Ohio Corn Growers Association
                     Bill Graves, Ohio Department of Development