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Each Fall, Green Energy Ohio joins the American Solar Energy Society to present an Ohio Solar Tour, including homes using solar for electricity, heating or passive design.  Below are web sites/pages maintained by Ohioans or GEO which describe their Ohio solar homes.  See many of these homes and more on October 7-8, 2006 on one of GEO's five regional solar tours -  2006 Ohio Solar Tour

To see more solar homes visit the Virtual Ohio Solar Tour, an interactive website that uses GoogleMaps to pinpoint more than 160 clean energy sites in Ohio.

Al & Mary Compaan - Toledo - Lucas County
       Mission Possible: A Journey to Energy Independence in the Midwest (PDF is 2.1 MB. Large Download Time)
By: Dr. Al Compaan and Katya Chistik in GEO's 2006-2007 Ohio Renewable Energy Magazine.

Richard Burgan Solar Resource Measurements  - Hilliard - Franklin County

Dave Carpenter Solar Home - Delaware - Delaware County 
       Solar Electric Home Seminar, July 27, 2006

Decker Homes - Model Solar Home - Monclova Township - Lucas County
       News video about Decker Homes use of Uni-Solar shingles and energy efficient Model Home
       Building Integrated Photovoltaics - BIPV in Ohio

Scotte Elliott's Solar Home - Lewis Center - Delaware County - monitoring page

Geoff & Michelle Greenfield's Solar & Wind Powered Home - Athens County  - Ohio Magazine Article October 2003 - Ohio Magazine Article - April 2003 

Robert Howard's Victory Farm - Franklin County

Joe Jancauskas Residence - Dayton - Montgomery County

Kurt Keljo's Hawk Feather Solar - Franklin County
       Solar Electric Home Seminar, July 27, 2006

Gregory Kremer Home Solar/Wind System - Athens County

Craig Miller Residence - Powell - Delaware County

Ohio Governor's Residence Carriage House - Bexley - Franklin County

Solterra - Ralph & Leah Semrock  - Curtice - Ottawa County

Matt Stowell Home - Dublin - Franklin County

Also See

Ohio PV Consumer Guide (.pdf) with lots of information on how PV systems work, selecting installers and key information on Ohio financial incentives and utility contacts for net metering.  Also, see the GEO fact sheet on making wise decisions in installing solar units.

Solar Electric Home Seminar, July 27, 2006 A panel discussion featured Central Ohio homeowners using solar electric systems presenting the challenges, costs, benefits and comforts of clean energy living working right here in Central Ohio and across the Buckeye state.

Ohio Solar Homes (.pdf)  First distributed at July 27, 2006 Solar Electric Home Seminar.

Ohio Solar Homes Resources (.pdf) First distributed at July 27, 2006 Solar Electric Home Seminar.

Barry Adler's RainFresh Harvests Green BioShelter - Off-grid greenhouse powered by solar & wind

Passive Solar Heating, Cooling and Daylighting

Buildings designed for passive solar and daylighting incorporate design features such as large south-facing windows and building materials that absorb and slowly release the sun's heat. No mechanical means are employed in passive solar heating. Incorporating passive solar designs can reduce heating bills as much as 50 percent. Passive solar designs can also include natural ventilation for cooling.

Million Solar Roofs High Performance Solar Buildings Workshop in February 2006 considered residential, commerical and school building applications for solar electric for LEED or green buildings.  Speakers at this Cincinnati event illustrated examples of an Ohio zero energy solar home and new Ohio solar homes and commercial green buildings with solar across the U.S.

GEO fact sheet (.pdf) on passive solar home design checklist and the Properties Magazine January 2005 Environmental Fields article on Passive Solar Design (.pdf). 

A Solar Homebuilder & Ohio's Green Market - Modular Solar Homebuilder Don Bradley in Ohio - 2001