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Cleveland Crib Wind Monitoring Sept. 2005

Crib Tower Sunrise 3   The wind-monitoring tower is up, the sensors are working and data is being recorded !
September 28th 2005 Update: During September a myriad of less visible work progressed, most of which was within the interior of the structure such as the sensor logger wiring, power systems and software expansion.  While simple wind and temperature data has been flowing to exercise the process since May 2005, now 7 anemometers, 7 direction vanes, 3 temperature sensors, as well as water temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, rainfall and solar radiation are being observed and recorded per plan and following the scientific guidelines prescribed.  Solar energy supplies 100% of the power needed for operations.
Now, as the weather changes, we already see winds increasing from their seasonally low summer period.  With this, the waves and swells increase on Lake Erie and very soon no access to the structure will be possible again until Spring. However, on-site recording supplemented by backup data access via our wireless/internet link will continue year round.
Public interest and awareness in this project has already been substantial, supported by exceptional local and even national news coverage and related energy feature stories.  (see listings below).
Cribcam AM Sailboat
A web page is available here, presenting photographs; real-time data from our weather instruments; other weather links and a live web video camera (right)  from 3.5 miles off shore looking towards Downtown Cleveland. (GEO transferred ownership of the MET tower on the Crib to the City of Cleveland in 2008 and no longer controls the Crib camera.  Case Western Reserve University is managing wind data collection at the Crib.  Case re-aimed the camera this winter for an icing study as part of the off-shore feasibility study being conducted by Cuyahoga Co.)
Crib Tower Top Set HelicopterIn the late afternoon and evening of August 29, 2005, Green Energy Ohio installed the key component of its wind monitoring system on Lake Erie near the Cleveland Harbor.  
Links to August 30 - Sept 30 2005 media coverage of the final tower section helicopter lift and installation on the water crib:
See GEO News Release, click here.  See the news accounts of the installation of the second tower section:
September 30 Cleveland Plain Dealer "Following Cleveland WInds is a breeze with Web site" by John C. Kuehner
September 5 Cleveland Plain Dealer "Tower to assess Erie wind power" - Water Crib Wind Tower Graphic

August 30 Cleveland Plain Dealer: "Pole to test lake's wind power" by John C. Kuehner
August 30 Cleveland Channel 3 TV "Construction Work in Lake Erie wind tower completed"

August 30 Cleveland Channel 5 TV "Lake Erie Wind Tower Completed"

August 30 Associated Press Story appeared nationally among these media:  The Ohio News Network

On July 25, 2005, Green Energy Ohio and its project partners and contractors came one step closer to getting real-time wind assessment and weather data collection equipment on Lake Erie yesterday through the partial installation of a two section, 125-foot, 6000 pound tower on the 50-foot tall Cleveland water intake crib.
Project Coordinator AAron Godwin, who spent July 25 on the water crib directing the initial tower installation, reported: "We had a great day of successes, but unfortunately, the weather beat us back on our second air-crane lift attempt.  We were grounded by low visibility due to the high humidity and haze, as well as marginal wind speeds.  Even with the winds, the 52-foot, first section went in as planned, the guy system worked flawlessly pre-tensioning the guy cables to over 3,000 pounds each.  The structural reinforcements to the crib also worked flawlessly.  Unfortunately the haze increased to a point where the sight line from shore to the crib was lost, an automatic grounding condition for this type of work.  As the helicopter is very expensive to keep around, no predicted relief from the haze was in sight, a storm was coming in over Toledo and higher winds were predicted for the following day, in consultation with my project team, I had to make a very rough call to send the helicopter away and regroup for a future attempt."
"Although we are clearly disappointed in the delay dealt by the weather, yesterday's successes are a testament to the team's and community's perseverance and hard work and what can be accomplished when we all come together, working together: volunteers, organizations, companies, communities and foundations.  All this said, I am personally very proud and grateful of all the work that the project team has accomplished and confident of the successes to come.  Weather delays or not, the tower will go up!  It will be completed!"

All 21 wind and weather instruments are anticipated to be connected and in operation within 2 weeks of the final tower installation itself on the Cleveland Crib water intake structure.  Helicopter transport of the first of two tower sections took place on July 25, 2005.  The second and final tower segment is expected to be installed in August.

The 6000 lb monopole erected will hold 6 boom arms supporting wind direction vanes, anemometers, and temperature sensors at 30, 40, and 50 meters (over 165 feet) above the Lake surface. Other weather instruments will be located at roughly 19 meters above the Lake to report typical weather data such as barometric pressure, humidity and rainfall.


Links to July 25-26, 2005 media coverage of the initial tower section helicopter lift and installation on the water crib:


July 26 front page Cleveland Plain Dealer article "Offshore Tower to Measure Wind Power"

See Cory Anderson's July 25 first-hand account, photos and video of the first tower installation as a GEO Volunteer on the NE Ohio Chapter 222 web page under: "Green Energy Ohio"

July 25 Channel 3-WKYC (Chris Tye) evening news broadcast video of the tower lift and interview with GEO Board Member Fletcher Miller

July 25 Channel 5-WEWS (Jack Marschall) evening news and NewsNet 5 story

July 25 WCPN 90.5 Noon live broadcast (Karen Schaefer) on Lake Erie

Article "Alternative energy no longer alternative" from the July 24 Sunday Cleveland Plain Dealer, pages A1 and A20 

Installation Plan Press Release July 22, 2005