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Cleveland Crib 2006 Data and Links

Cleveland Water Intake Crib

Wind Assessment Project - Initiated May 2005

StatusCrib Wind Electronics

December 11, 2006. Last access to the structure for the season was provided through the excellent cooperation of the US Coast Guard.  Final work was completed on permanent wiring of the monitoring system, and a new high speed wireless link was installed through the CIty of Cleveland's Division of Water. Webcam pictures are now improved, and a redundant data link established to the remote site via NOAA.  All systems are up and running.

September 14, 2006. The system is again fully functional ! One backup anemometer, at the 40 meter level is no longer providing signals. However, the primary 40M anemometer continues to track properly as well as 30 and 50 meter pairs.

September 7, 2006. The electronic system was rebuilt and moved to accomodate changes at the Crib being done by the City of Cleveland. The webcam issue was corrected. However, the wireless system failed today and replacements will be required. This has only limited the online access.  The instruments are still recording and storing information. No repair date is known yet.  Please check back later.

June 2006 - Data collection continue.  Tower structure and instruments have been inspected on site this month and found to be in excellent condition. A public report is planned for late this summer by GEO.

April 2006 - The system continues to operate, and data has now been recorded for over 6 full months. Please note that adjustments to the live communications system require that the Internet pages alternate between live data coverage and use of the web video camera feed. If one is not working when you check, please try the other.

9/28/05 - Full tower is up!  All wind sensors are in operation and data is being recorded. New upgraded web video camera is now in operation.

Live Wind and Weather data from GEO's sensors. Click here!Crib from Wendy Park Edgewater

Live Video from the Cleveland Crib City Camera. Click here! (GEO transferred ownership of the MET tower on the Crib to the City of Cleveland in 2008 and no longer controls the Crib camera.  Case Western Reserve University is managing wind data collection at the Crib.  Case re-aimed the camera this winter for an icing study as part of the off-shore feasibility study being conducted by Cuyahoga Co.)

Latest still image from the Cleveland Crib City Webcam. Click here!

Live Data CribData Screen (left) View from Wendy Park (right)




The latest near-shore forcast from NOAA Other Cleveland Weather Data

Cleveland Crib Tower and Shoreline


Downtown Cleveland and the Crib tower Sept 2005 Crib from the West, Winter 1945

This research study could support the potential for utility scale wind turbines, such as at Bowling Green Ohio

Bowling Green Single Turbine with Text

Installation photos from July 25th, 2005

Crib Tower lift from Burke

Crib Tower Helicopter Drop (1)