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Wind Monitoring Program Data, Reports, & Equipment Request for Proposal

GEO is currently seeking proposals (due November 30, 2013) to relocate the GEO Wind Monitoring Program to an educational institution.  Over the past 13 years GEO has developed a scientifically credible wind resource assessment program, resulting in the only public database of Ohio wind data, as well as a small inventory of wind measuring equipment. The GEO Staff and Board of Directors is exploring an affiliation, via a request for proposals (RFP), with an academic institution (or consortium thereof with one point of contact) for the use and ownership of these resources. The Board sees the potential for mutually beneficial outcomes from an affiliation and is open to negotiate the exact structure of an affiliation. An affiliation could involve the purchase of GEO’s public wind database (data and reports; includes rights to sell wind data to third parties), GEO's wind resource equipment inventory, and/or consultation on performing wind resource assessments for the purposes of wind energy development.  Click here to view the request for proposals.

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   4 - Vestas V80 Wind Turbines,
Bowling Green, Ohio

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6 - Bergey 10 kW Turbines,
Dull Homestead, Brookville, Ohio