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Ohio's Largest Solar Array
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    100 kW Photovoltaic Array - View from Adam Lewis Center with Solar-Covered Roof  [CLICK HERE]

Oberlin College Completes Solar Parking Pavilion 
Largest Photovoltaic Array in Ohio
News Release - April 14, 2006
See Above and Below - GEO Photos Below Taken April 13, 2006     See Lewis Center on GEO Solar Tours Starting in 2001 [CLICK HERE]

A new solar parking pavilion has been constructed over the Adam J. Lewis Center for Environmental Studies' existing parking lot with the purpose of supplying the remainder of the center's electrical needs.

The pavilion's 8,800-square-foot roof will collect sunlight through 336 PV panels.Sunlight will be transformed into a maximum of 100 kilowatts of electrical energy, bringing the center's total rated production (based on peak theoretical output under ideal conditions) to 145 kW,  equivalent to the amount of energy needed to power nearly 15 single-family homes.

"With the installation of the parking pavilion, the College will have the largest photovoltaic array in Ohio and the largest photovoltaic-run building among colleges and universities in the country," says David Orr, Paul Sears Professor and director of environmental studies.

Steven Strong, designer of the Lewis Center's PV array and the new solarpavilion, agrees. Strong, a noted solar advocate, designer, and author,  is founder of Boston-based Solar Design Association (SDA). "When  Oberlin's pavilion is finished it will be the first time any college or university has had an academic facility that is truly photovoltaic energy self-reliant," Strong says. "The beauty is that it's a win, win."

A win for the College and for the City of Oberlin, which will benefit from the center's electrical energy when surplus energy is exported into the municipality's grid. Electrical energy from the PV panels is also expected to be distributed into a building next to the Lewis Center which was renovated to house eight offices and teaching and research laboratories.

"The Lewis Center will go from being an importer of electricity to being a net exporter of electricity on an annual basis," explains John Petersen, associate professor of environmental studies and biology. Petersen estimates that the two photovoltaic arrays will produce about 30 percent more electricity than the Lewis Center consumes on an annual basis.

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David Orr, Paul Sears Professor and director of environmental studies /  See David Orr at GEO 2004 Annual Meeting at Ohio State [CLICK HERE]
Oberlin College

View Looking West at Parking Area Under Oberlin College 100 kW Solar Pavillion

Oberlin College 100 PV .02

336 Shott 300 Watt Panels on Pavillion Roof with 85 kW Solectra Inverter

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