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Six Wind Turbines at Dull Homestead

World's Largest Grid-Tied 10 kW Bergey Wind Turbine Site

The Dull Homestead, located near Brookville, Ohio in Montgomergy County, is a model of modern agriculture, and much has been done in the name of efficiency, stewardship of the land and technology.  In furthering this goal, the Dull Farm is now set to harness an as yet untapped resource on their farm: windpower. 

 Sunset and One of Bergey Excels at Dull Farm

On May 5, 2004, the Dull?s, with their contractor Third Sun Solar and Wind Power, Ltd., raised 6 Bergey Excel-S 10 Kw wind generators.  They are placed in a row running North South in order to harvest the predominant wind from the West.  The generators are mounted on 120? tall towers to tap the faster, more consistent wind at that height.

      Dulls & Crew with Bergey Excel Tail        Turbine Blades Attached Before Tower Lift

The output will be processed by battery free inverters, then fed into the farm?s 3-phase 208 Volt power system, offsetting the most expensive power used on the farm. Six generators were selected to keep the 3 phase power balanced and provide maximum power from available space. The environmental and economic impact of this project will be quantifiable through monitoring the clean power produced by the system.

Renewable energy is not the first of the Dull Farm's moves toward sustainable practices.  They have successfully designed and constructed an on site biomass fired seed drying process, eliminating 1,000s of BTUs of gas previously used for this energy intensive processing.  

The Dull Farm is also currently going though an energy audit/inventory with the Farm Bureau, Dayton Power and Light, University of Dayton and the Ohio Department of Development, in order to further maximize energy efficiency in their operations.

The Dull Farm installation is the largest project of grid-connected Bergey 10 kW wind turbines
any where in the world.  Larger "off-grid" project exist overseas.  Mike Bergey commented on the Dull installation size by relating on May 11, 2004 that:

"The Parker Ranch project in Hawaii is now the second largest project of grid-connected Bergey 10 kW's, the Dull Homestead has one more unit.  We also have a 4 unit project in Browning, Montana.

"For off-grid projects we have a 21 turbine project in China, a 14 turbine project in China, a 10 turbine project in Mexico, an 8 turbine project in Fiji, and several 7 turbine projects in China.  In China we use a "standard" package of seven turbines with a single 70 kW inverter.  These are "stacked" on larger jobs."

Learn more about wind energy on GEO's Ohio Small-Scale Wind page.  Small wind experts and sessions will be part of the November 9-10, 2004 Second Ohio Wind Power Conference.  Come to Cleveland and discover small wind options for Ohioans!