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Robert Howard's Victory Farms 2001 Tour

Victory Farms, Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road, Blacklick, Ohio 43004

Located on 4.5 acres of land in eastern Franklin County, Victory Farms shows that wind and solar power are technologically and economically feasible.  Robert Howard, a renewable energy pioneer in Central Ohio, gave a tour of the residential wind turbine installation, including the net metering inside the front barn.  Robert has generously donated his first 10 kW Jacobs wind turbine to Green Energy Ohio which is now in talks with the Columbus Metro Parks to place it at a new educational installation in the Columbus area.  The Robert Howard Family received GEO's first Pioneer of the Year Award for 2001 at the GEO 2002 Annual Meeting.


  • 18 kW wind turbine installed in May of 1995
  • Tower height to center of hub is 135 feet
  • Blades are 22 feet long, 44 feet diameter
  • 2 Trace 4,500 Watt sine wave inverters
  • 16 Trojan L16 350 Amp hour batteries


  • 500 Watts of PV on barn for battery charger
  • Back barn has 1 kVA with 8 batteries and a 4,500 Watt Trace sine wave inverter
  • 320,000 Btu Solar boiler (hot water for shrimp project)
  • Grid-interconnected via net metering with AEP Feb. 2, 2001 at $0.092 per kWh
  • Pay back was 3 years due to sale of shrimp project - straight line was scheduled at 5 years

Below are photos from the Victory Farms tour culminating this year's Central Ohio Solar Tour:

Photo above of Victory Farms wind turbine with tour group at tower base with close-up photo below.
Tour looks at spare wind turbine blade below (also in photo above).
View from base of turbine looking at solar units on front barn in photo below.
Another look below at Robert Howard's Victory Farms wind turbine from the ground.