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First Ohio Wind Power Conference
Dublin, Ohio
November 18 - 19, 2002

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Ohio Wind Power Conference Toolkit
November 18, 2002 Glacier Ridge Wind Turbine Dedication



                                                 November 18, 2002

3:30 PM         Dedication of Glacier Ridge Metro Park Wind Turbine       

Mike Bergey ? Owner, Bergey Windpower

Local officials, and Ohio Lawmakers Invited

4:30 PM             Conference Pre-Registration and Exhibit Hall Opens at nearby      

Northwest Center - Reception in Exhibit Hall for Registrants and those attending Glacier Ridge Dedication


November 19, 2002

7:30 AM             Registration and Continental Breakfast

                            Morning Speakers - Bios & Presentations  Photos

8:30 AM             Opening & Welcome Remarks

Conference Moderator: Bill Spratley ? Executive Director, Green    Energy Ohio

Paul Gipe ? Wind energy expert
            Take a trip around the world of wind power


9:00 AM             Overview of Wind Power

Phil Dougherty ? National Coordinator, Wind Powering America, U.S. DOE

Larry Flowers ? Co-Chair, Wind Powering America, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Wind Power is a reality in the Midwest. This session summarizes wind power feasibility, including technologies, economics, and policies.

9:30 AM             Update on Ohio Wind Resources Panel

Larry Flowers ? Co-Chair, Wind Powering America, NREL
Fletcher Miller ?Vice-President,
GEO Wind Resource Assessment Green Energy Ohio (GEO)

How much wind development potential is there in Ohio? This session will focus on wind resource assessment and the development of a new wind map of Ohio.

10:00 AM             Break  - Exhibits on View

10:30 AM             Small Wind Development Overview

Moderator: Jim Gravelle, Director of Communications, Green Mountain Energy


Mike Bergey ? President, Bergey Wind Power

Mick Sagrillo ? Wind Energy Expert
Paul Gipe ? Wind energy expert

This session will give an overview of small wind development, including key issues such as siting, zoning, and wind turbine selection.


11:45 AM             Luncheon Address

Welcome: Bill Spratley, Executive Director, Green Energy Ohio

Keynote Speaker: Peter Dreyfuss, Director, Chicago Regional Office, U.S. DOE

                        Afternoon Speakers - Bios & Presentations

12:45 PM            Ohio Wind Policy Issues and Incentives

                        Moderator: Dan McGuire, Wealth from the Wind, American Corn  Growers


                        Janine Migden ? Attorney at Law, Hahn Loeser & Parks, LLP

                        Interconnection to the electric grid and net metering issues

                        Judy Jones ? Manager, Energy Loan Fund

                        John Moore ? Staff Attorney, Midwest Transportation and Land Use Reform

                                              Projects, Environmental

                       Law and Policy Center

                        Incentives available for wind power in Ohio



1:30 PM           Ohio Small Wind Experience

Moderator: Geoff Greenfield, Wind Turbine Owner & Installer, Third Sun Renewable Energy

Review Panel:

Paul Gipe ? Wind Energy Expert

Mike Bergey ? President, Bergey Windpower

Mick Sagrillo ? Wind Energy Expert


Ohio speakers from new small wind installations throughout the state:

Public Places:
Andy Baker ? Lake Farmpark Administrator, Lake Metro Parks, Lake Farmpark, 20 kW Jacobs turbine
Bob Seyfeng ? Architect, Lucas Co. Port Authority, Toledo Lighthouse, 50 kW wind turbine
John O?Meara ? Executive Director, Franklin Metro Parks, Glacier Ridge Metro Park, 10 kW Bergey wind turbine & Wind/Solar Learning Center

Private Places:
Robert Howard ? landowner, Victory Farms 18 kW Jacobs wind turbine with Solar Hybrid
Open up to floor discussion

This session will review several new small wind installations and a review panel will discuss the successes and failures of each project. At the end, the discussion will be open up to the audience.

3:00 PM              Break - Exhibits on View

3:30 PM            Utility-Scale Wind Issues in Ohio

                        Moderator: Daryl Stockburger, Utilities Director, City of Bowling Green

                        Paul Markovich ? President Midwest Region, Green Mountain Energy


                        Eric Blank ? Executive Vice President, Community Energy, Inc.

                        This session will discuss the future of utility-scale wind in Ohio.


4:15 PM             Next Steps - Ohio Wind Working Group for Wind Powering America

Amanda Rhoads - Program Manager, Green Energy Ohio

An explanation of the Ohio Wind Power Conference Toolkit

Bill Spratley ? Executive Director, Green Energy Ohio

Tom Maves ? Renewable Energy Specialist, Ohio Office of Energy Efficiency
Wind Powering America

This session will discuss the future of wind development in Ohio, formation of the Ohio Wind Working Group, and assess interest in further Ohio wind conferences for small and large wind systems.

4:45 PM             Closing Remarks


5:00 PM             Networking Session

Exhibits on View

Conference Displays & Networking