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Morning Speakers: 2002 OH Wind Conf.

First Ohio Wind Power Conference
 & Trade Show Dublin, Ohio

November 19, 2002
Morning Sessions



7:30 AM             Registration and Continental Breakfast


8:30 AM             Welcome Remarks & Opening Session

                            Moderator: Bill Spratley - Executive Director, Green Energy Ohio

                            Paul Gipe - Wind energy expert
                            Take a whirlwind trip around the world of wind power!


9:00 AM            Overview of Wind Power

                           Phil Dougherty - National Coordinator

                           Wind Powering America, United States Department of Energy

                           Larry Flowers- Co-Chair

                           Wind Powering America, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

                           Wind Power is a reality in the Midwest. This session summarizes wind

                            power feasibility, including technologies, economics, and policies.

9:30 AM          Update on Ohio Wind Resources Panel

                         Larry Flowers - Co-Chair, Wind Powering America, NREL
                         Fletcher Miller - Vice-President, GEO Wind Resource Assessment

                         Green  Energy Ohio (GEO)


                         How much wind development potential is there in Ohio? This session    

                         will focus on wind resource assessment and the development of a new

                         wind map of Ohio.


10:00 AM        Break  - Exhibits on View

10:30 AM        Small Wind Development Overview

                         Moderator: Jim Gravelle - Director of Communications, Midwest Region,

                                                                   Green Mountain Energy


                                          Mike Bergey - President, Bergey Wind Power

                                          Mick Sagrillo - Wind Energy Expert
                                          Paul Gipe -Wind Energy Expert

                        This session gave an overview of small wind development, including key

                        issues such as siting, zoning, and wind turbine selection.


11:45 AM       Luncheon Address

                        Welcome: Bill Spratley - Executive Director, Green Energy Ohio

                        Keynote Speaker: Peter Dreyfuss - Director

                                             Chicago Regional Office, United States Department of Energy