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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: Economic Drivers for the 21st Century by Roger Bezdek, Principal Investigator, Management Information Services, Inc. (MISI) for the American Solar Energy Society.  Includes Ohio Case Study. This 68-page, color report can be downloaded as a .pdf (1.1 MB).  See November 6, 2007 ASES National News Release.  A 2008 study updating the national data with a Colorado green jobs case study is available from ASES.

Economic and Jobs Impacts of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Industries: U.S. and Ohio Roger H. Bezdek, Ph.D. President, MISI, Washington, D.C.
Report Summary Released at Closing Luncheon of SOLAR 2007 - July 12, 2007

Cleveland Foundation/ICF Study Shows Little Impact of Requiring Renewable Energy in Ohio Wholesale Electric Rates.  May 31, 2007 - An ICF International study commissioned by The Cleveland Foundation finds that the Ohio: "wholesale electricity price increase as a result of the assumed Ohio AEPS is forecasted to be virtually zero in 2013, and about $0.0030 (less than one-third of a cent) per kWh by 2025.  Download study on TCF site.

What Does Wind Power Cost? - Wind Powering America

University of Toledo Urban Affairs Center "Wind Energy Electric Power: A Roadmap for Accelerated Innovation," (pdf) presented to the Ohio Wind Working Group at its June 15, 2006 meeting at the Huron, Ohio Firelands campus of Bowling Green State University.

Renewable Energy Industry Domestic Manufacturing By State - Ohio. The REPP State Report intends to provide an explanation of how manufacturing potential is calculated and offers detailed analysis showing for Ohio, the potential for each of the 43 industrial codes (NACIS Codes) that comprise the major component parts for the major renewable energy technologies. It is hoped that the Report will spur interest at the local level to actually identify the specific firms that could benefit from a national program and begin the discussion as to how best to tie reinvigorated domestic manufacturing activity into a national program to develop renewable energy. To view the PDF of the report on Ohio, [CLICK HERE]. 

Ohio Jobs & Wind Industry               

2005 Feasibility Study of Ohio's Off-Shore Wind Potential

Ohio Clean Energy Business Association (OCEBA)

Ohio's Renewable Energy Potential

Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) & Ohio 

2004 and 2005 PV Installer/Integrator Apprentice Training