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Ohio Made Solar Powered Golf Cart

Below is a February 2005 message from Dan Lehmen of Danco Enterprises, who gives us an update on his solar golf cart project:

"Thought you might be interested in my latest solar conversion. This "57 Chevy" replica sports four Shell 75  watt solar panels connected to a Xantrex C40 controller. The car is powered by an 11.1 h.p. electric motor on a 48 volt system. ( it is capable of speeds up to 28 mph ).It is being prepared for a safety inspection and will be licensed for use on city streets this spring.  Testing is incomplete, but preliminary tests have exceeded expectations! I have attached a picture of the cart."


Below is an October 22, 2001 message from long-time solar installer, Dan Lehman of Danco Enterprises, who is now primarily in the geothermal installation business:

"Hi Bill- Here are the pictures of my golf cart installation.  The interesting thing about this system is that this is the only transportation the owner has. We have more than doubled his range with the 36 volt PV system. These are Siemens panels. You might be interested to know we are offering PV shingles from Uni-Solar  If you have any questions, send me an e-mail.
Dan Lehman"

 To see a whole fleet of PV-powered golf carts, see the April 2001 PV Consumer Letter by Bill Spratley with photos and links to Mauna Lani Resort in Hawaii.